Rules & Documents

Please be aware that you are in a RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY, not a hotel. Homeowner association living can be a great experience provided we are all considerate of our neighbors and follow a few common sense guidelines. Some of the rules are summarized here for your convenience. The complete Rules & Regulations take precedence and copies are available at the Association’s administrative offices at 305 Whitehead Street, Key West, Florida.

Please consider that the Truman Annex is an oasis from Duval Street and all the partying. Relax by the pool and take in the beautiful surroundings. Feel free to party on Duval, but please remember that there are owners that live and work here who must get up in the mornings. Please be considerate of your neighbors who are not on vacation. Thanks so very much for your thoughtfulness.

  • There is a strict occupancy limit of two individuals per bedroom plus one additional individual per unit or three individuals per full bathroom per unit (whichever is greater), with a maximum of eight individuals occupying any Unit.
  • The sidewalks, entrances and like portions of the Common Elements shall not be obstructed and shall not be used for any purpose other than ingress and egress; nor shall bicycles, chairs, tables or any other similar objects be stored therein. Children shall not be permitted to play on sidewalks or other Common Areas and shall be supervised by their parents at all times.
  • No trash, garbage or debris shall be placed in any yard, porch or deck area. All garbage must be in plastic bags and deposited into the designated dumpster. Recycling bins may be kept inside rear yards and only set adjacent to trash enclosure for the weekly recycling pick-up on Tuesday mornings.
  • Parking is often limited to one parking space per unit. Vehicles over 18′ long or 80″ wide are not allowed on property. No large trucks, trailers, mobile homes, vans, campers or similar vehicles shall be parked within the Truman Annex. Motorcycles and scooters must be parked in the parking lot and not on sidewalks or porches. All vehicles parked within the community must either have a permanent parking sticker or a temporary parking pass (obtained at the Security Guardhouse). All others will be subject to ticketing and/or towing.
  • No occupant shall make or permit any disruptive noises in or around the buildings or permit any conduct of any persons or pets that will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other residents.
  • The pool area hours are from sunrise to sunset. Pool rules and regulations are posted at the pool.
  • Outdoor cooking with charcoal grills is prohibited. Depending on the unit you are occupying, additional restrictions may apply up to and including the complete restriction of using any grill. For more information regarding the allowed used of grills, please click here.
  • No animals shall be maintained in any Unit without the Association’s prior written permission, and then only for long-term tenants and owners. Only those that are generally recognized as house pets will be permitted. In all circumstances, such animals must be registered with the Association, including pets belonging to guests. In no event shall any animal be permitted in any portion of the Common Elements unless carried or on a leash. Owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their pets . No pets are permitted in the pool area.
  • Bicycles are to be stored only in designated areas; bike racks, front porches or rear yards.
  • No towels, clothing, linens, rugs, etc. shall be hung from balcony rails, windows or doors.

Occupants found to be violating these rules may be evicted and Unit Owners fined.

Owners and occupants are encouraged to call Security 305-294-3995 and/or the Administrative Office 305-296-0556 to report apparent violations.


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