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PreApproved Colors

These are paint colors that have been pre-approved by the Architectural Control Committee. Colors are listed with Benjamin Moore color names & numbers for your reference. Please be advised that all of the these paints should be latex (not oil), including the Deck Gray and Light Gray. Please note that any alterations to your property require the approval of the Architectural Review Committee. Such alterations include but are not limited to changing paint colors, new plantings, and the installation of awnings. Always be sure to obtain approval prior to completing any such alterations. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 305-296-0556.











  1. Stonington gray #HC-170
    Exterior House Paint Color
  2. Peach parfait #2175-70
    Exterior House Paint Color
  3. Weston Flax #HC-5
    Exterior House Paint Color
  4. Fresh Mint #2037-70
    Exterior House Paint Color
  5. Barely Teal #2048-70
    Exterior House Paint Color
  6. Innocence #2055-70
    Porch Ceiling Color, may also be used as Exterior House Paint Color
  7. Brandy Cream #1030
    Exterior House Paint Color
  8. Deck Gray #71
    Exterior Deck Paint Color
  9. Light Gray #70
    Exterior Deck Paint Color
  10. Redwood #20
    Exterior Deck Solid Stain - Foundry Only

All fences and exterior trim should be painted in Brilliant White SemiGloss Exterior Latex Enamel